About Us

Kappa Phi is a club for Christian university women which focuses on four areas: Service, Worship, Fellowship, and Study. Although Kappa Phi has its roots with the United Methodist Church, it is a non-denominational group which welcomes any Christian university woman who finds herself in harmony with our goals and purpose.
Our Purpose

The Kappa Phi Club is a Christ-centered organization for university women. It provides an opportunity for and challenges them to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of God, others, and self;
  • Realize their individual potential;
  • Be a supportive community;
  • Be personally involved, active participants and leaders in the life of the Church;
  • Commit themselves to positive action.

Our Sisters

Kappa Phi is a club made up of both university women and the alumnae that support them. Together the sisters of the Kappa Phi Club create a unique opportunity for women to be immersed in personal growth, Christian fellowship, and active Christian participation well beyond their college experience.
OU Chapter
Our chapter meets every Wednesday at 9pm in the Oklahoma Memorial Union.
If you are interested in joining Kappa Phi, we hold a rush event every semester. This is where new members can go through the various degrees of membership from pledge (degree of the pine) and then active member (degree of the light). If you are interested in joining please contact us using the contact information on the contact page.
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